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For those who need to move in a new country, alone or with the family, we have created a product
that allows you to be completely assisted in the performance of all bureaucratic tasks (obtaining visas and issuing documents such as ID and driving license) as well as in the house-hunting that best suits your needs, the school if you have children, the purchase of the car and
the related insurance coverage and the best compulsory insurance coverage. You will also be
assisted in all stages of the relocation, including the possible transfer of furniture and personal
effects. Everything will be less stressful and faster-avoiding wasting time and money.


-Assistance obtaining visa 

-Assistance underwriting a health insurance coverage

-Assistance in opening personal bank account

-Assistance in searching for a home and help in setting up the relative contracts for the -utilities

-Assistance in moving furniture and personal effects

-Assistance in searching for schools and signing students up

The package can be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.
By purchasing another package, you will be exempt from Subscription fees.

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